• Emily Baron

Is Massage Sexual?

No. Absolutely not. I feel the need to address this forth-write, as Massage Therapists are constantly beset by this assumption, which also sometimes comes in the form of harassment.

Massage is not sexual. There are bad players who use the name Massage Parlor to be a cover for their prostitution business and the people working for them are often victims of human and sex trafficking. One of the best ways to make sure you are not visiting such an establishment is to see documentation that the therapist is licensed by the PA State Board of Massage Therapy. Posters on the wall about trigger points and muscles or the therapist taking a health intake and asking about contraindications for massage are also good indicators that your therapist is a true professional. Businesses advertising as Asian Spas, with flashing lights that are open all hours into the night, or offering exceptionally cheap massages can all be red flags that the establishment is a front for prostitution.

You may search for your PA therapist's name here: to verify their license. My license number is MSG013294 and all therapists should have that information readily available and in their advertisements.

Massage is an intimate experience and finding a therapist you feel comfortable with is important. I wish you well on your journey to health.



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