Massage Therapy

In our busy, modern lives, our bodies are under constant physical and/or emotional stress.  Allow yourself the time to mentally unwind or work through some sore muscles. Physical touch is a powerful healing method and through massage I hope to ease some of your burdens you bring to the table.

Swedish Massage

INTRODUCTORY RATE $45 (Orig. $60) for 60 minutes

The "classic" relaxation massage.  Strokes flowing seamlessly with one another to create a warmed tissue receptive to improved mobility.  I am able to customize your massage with deeper work in one or two troublesome areas.

Back Massage
Massage Table

In-home Massage

$75 / 60 minute massage

Allowing me to come to your home and provide therapeutic massage in your most comfortable environment is a great option for everyone, especially those with reduced mobility or a busy schedule.

To provide you with the best experience possible, please provide a cleared, private space of at least 6 feet by 10 feet to accommodate a full perimeter of my table.  Use of 1 electrical outlet is also ideal.

Please allow 90 minutes for this session.

Travel available in a 10 mile radius from Ross Township, beyond which will result in an additional $10 fee.


$30 / 30 minutes

Reflexology is a healing technique traditionally applied to the feet but can also be done on the hands. This body work can be included in a Swedish massage or as a dedicated 20 to 40 minute session in which the client may remain fully clothed above the ankle, and even in a seated position.  A serene atmosphere will help your mind relax as your whole body experiences improved energy flow and nerve connections.

Pressure point massage 2

Head, Hands and Feet

$25 / 30 minutes

A revitalizing session to bring some touch to your day.  This option is wonderful for, well, anyone, but especially if you have never had a massage before and the idea of getting undressed or being touched all over just isn't appealing to you.  As an introduction to massage or a quick pick-me-up on your lunch break, this session will be perfect for you!


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